Westward RMG Lease Procedures and Information.

For best time management and assurance of a successful application for both of us read and follow these lease procedures. These are general circumstances of most management companies but can vary.

Our site shows all properties by all agencies. There is no need to call signs when you do drive bys. We will do that for you.

There is no cost to you for us to show and submit application.

Please contact us for showing of properties.

We can help you work through details with manager.

Make note of the 8 digit MLS# on any property of interest.

Use search to locate properties by city and price range. There is a google map on each listing showing detailed location

Three times the rental amount in verifiable income will be required in most cases.

In some cases a deposit of one month’s rent will be due at time of application.

Application fee of $35 on average will be due at time of application.

Each adult will each pay an application fee in most cases.

A property will generally hold for no more than two to 3 weeks weeks from the date of availability (lease contract must start, sometimes some negotiability).

Apartments can hold properties for longer periods of time but homes must be taken at time of availability.

Driving by the property to check location, general condition and compatibility of neighborhood is highly recommended.

You can print a blank application that can be used in most cases HERE.

We will check actual status to be sure your application will be first in line before we show. (A property my show active but have an application pending)

Submit application and separate checks (app fee and deposit) to us for submission.

Sometimes money orders or certified funds will be required. We will advise.

Make note of requests or conditions to be met at time of showing.

We ask that contact be made 1 hr prior to showing appointment to confirm.

Credit check will be done by Management Company. Have a letter of explanation if you know there might be an issue of importance.

Once we submit your application you may be contacted directly by the management company for verification or questions.

The application process should take 24 to 48 hrs depending on availability of contact for work and rental history contacts.

Most of the time, a full months rent will be due on move in. The prorated portion of a partial month will be paid on the following 1st of the month.

Rent paid before the move in date sometimes will get you access to the property before the actual move in date.

Year leases are normally required. Shorter lease are at the discretion of the owner. Shorter leases may be for an optimum rent amount and an owner will try to avoid a re-letting in the last part of the year during holidays when it slows down.

Pets will require deposits generally on a case by case basis and vary from $250-$500 per pet depending on the size and type of pet

Dave Christensen 214-682-4385 davec@westwardrmg.com 

 Upon inquiry you will receive these questions

Please: by answering these questions it will greatly help expedite the process.
Have you driven by the property?
Can you verify 3 x's the rental amount in income?
What is your move date?
Have you given notice?
What kind and how many pets?
Cell phone ?
Credit problems?
Search- Now Make note of the 8 digit MLS# on any property of interest.. In the Search Resource MLS #'s appear in the summary before you click detail. When you are looking at a detail they appear if you click contact in the e-mail text or on the page if you click printable flyer.